Welcome to Sugar and Oats!

Buy Natural Artisan made Vegan Soaps, Creams, Scrubs in South Florida. We have the pleasure of welcoming you to Sugar and Oats, Natural Vegan Skincare line. We carefully formulate all my products with the purest plant based oils and completely all natural skin loving ingredients. At Sugar and Oats our promise is to stay away from harsh chemicals, Parabens, Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Palm Oils also everything is cruelty free (Never tested on animals) and always vegan! Our goal is to provide you with all of your natural skin care needs for you and your whole family. We rely on the 100 % natural elements from the earth, and never ever use any toxic chemicals, dyes or formaldehyde like other soap shops. All colors and scents are always all natural, just as soap should be! All of our handcrafted products are used on our children and family and absolutely love it !!!! We hope to share and provide you with all your skincare needs for you and your entire family. Follow us on Facebook to see our latest products!

Natural Vs. Synthetic

Why choose natural skincare over store bought commercial skincare? Our natural skincare is formulated in small batches using 100% plant based oils. We also add certified organic Shea butter in our heavenly formulation to help lock in moisture in your skin. Our soaps contain natural vitamins, minerals and natural occurring glycerin to create a rich and luxurious silky smooth lather. Commercial soaps smell fresh, clean, and you may think they are great for your skin but in actuality contain chemicals, petroleum, preservatives, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, surfactants and much more! They literally strip your natural oils from your skin that protect our skin from everyday free radicals.