Vegan Skincare That Works

When you’re looking for ethical skin care, products that really work can be hard to come by. Brands that don’t test on animals and use plant-based ingredients are rare, which is why New Beauty put together a list of vegan products that really work.

Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare’s Thermal Detox Warming Cleansing Mask was on the list for its miraculous ability to cleanse and warm your skin in one step. The exfoliants are made from oat kernel and apple extract which draws dirt from your pores. After leaving the mask on for about three minutes, gently massage the mask into your skin, and feel how it heats up.

Vegan skincare is important to Christie Brinkley, as she has been a lifelong vegetarian. Ethical products are important to her because if you choose not to put an animal product in your body, you then would not want to put animal products on your skin.

Once you rinse, you’ll see radiant skin that New Beauty’s article says is like “a mini spa treatment from the comfort of your own bathroom”.

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