Kombucha Tea Soaps: Getting the most out of this worldwide trending beverage, internally and externally

Mainstream media is not easily convinced of a product worthy of popularity and celebrity virility, but kombucha tea has proven its medical worth gradually through the years. Dufresne and Farnworth’s (2000) review in Food Research International highlighted a handful of biomechanisms that play an integral part in how the body reacts and processes and manifests the ingredients found in kombucha tea. Some reported effects from Russian consumer testimonies include body detoxification; reduction in cholesterol level, blood pressure, atherosclerosis, inflammatory problems, and stress; enhance general metabolism; relieve bronchitis and asthma; and improve hair, skin and nail health (Dufresne and Farnsworth, 2000).

Fast forward 18 years to a generation overrun by men and women doing everything in their power to optimize their health status in every physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual way… How did kombucha emerge so heavily in the past decade? Why is this fizzy, fermented beverage, according to Forbes contributor Christie Troitino, “considered the fastest growing product in the functional beverage market with sales estimates of $1.8 billion by 2020” (2017)?

Years have gone by and research on kombucha tea has impressed upon the general public four main facets of how this drink will improve your health:
1. Detoxification of circulating chemicals and toxins
2. Improvement in digestion and gastrointestinal health
3. Strengthening of immune system and ability to stave off infection
4. High levels of essential antioxidants for multiple organ system functioning

Brands and companies have highlighted these health benefits consistently, but the positive impact that kombucha tea has on the skin is only now starting to take its stride. Surely, as abundant in goods that the elixir possesses, kombucha tea is now becoming known to be equally beneficial in daily skin care routines. Emma Gray from Huffington Post speaks on the improvements in elasticity, appearance of wrinkles, and texture that kombucha tea can provide (2017). Ellen Douglas, writer for the LIVESTRONG website, notes that advocates of kombucha tea at the NYU Langone Medical Center strongly believe in the acne fighting and wrinkle reducing properties in the beverage (2017). Kombucha tea soaps are a product gaining steady popularity due to the toning and conditioning aspects of the soap. With proper manipulation of the product, the active ingredients when making kombucha tea soaps foster skin cell regeneration unlike any other!

Sugar and Oats provides three different and delectable kombucha soaps that are guaranteed to deliver the benefits that our society is beginning to recognize. Formulated with quality botanical and essential oils, organic butters, and various types of clays, these kombucha soaps are a must-have for the modern skin care lover among all circles of friends and family. Whether as a birthday gift to another or a personal investment into healthier, softer, and rejuvenated skin, don’t forget to check out the kombucha tea soaps for your next skin care purchase! To view and indulge in our selection of specialty soaps, click here!


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