I wasn’t born with dry skin

I wasn’t born with dry skin. The beauty industry is continuously adding brand new moisturizers, night creams, and serums to the market, loaded with promises of supple, youthful, and radiant skin. As a consumer, how are we supposed to know our perfect concoction of skin care? Who do we trust with one of the most sensitive parts of our body? Lastly, what company really has found the Fountain of Youth and can make good on all of their promises?

Loaded rhetorical questions are not the purpose of this particular blog post, but I just wanted to share an experience I had growing up when it came to how I treated my now dry skin. I began to wear my mother’s BareMinerals 3 step powder foundations when I started high school because I could not commit to the thought of liquid foundation. My skin care routine consisted of two simple steps: wash face with an exfoliating face wash for combination to oily skin, and use a moisturizing face lotion on the days you feel like using a moisturizing face lotion.

What was my thought process for choosing combination to oily skin face wash, one might ask… two words: peer pressure! My group of girl friends would tell me about how shiny they were and how oily they were and other sebum-central complaints and I reluctantly agreed… I thought, “Yes. I sweat too. I sometimes get a little shiny somewhere between my brows. I must fit under that category as well!” It wasn’t until about the end of junior year of high school that I began to see notable changes on my face. Areas where I was slightly oily began to feel textured and previously dry areas began to flake and my foundation would not adhere to those areas, which were predominantly around my nose and the corners of my mouth. I am convinced that I turned my skin from normal to dry during that period because of my long term treatment of my skin as if it was oily and the abovementioned regions of my face are, to this day, my problem areas. I am now constantly looking at products that will lock in and secure my moisture barrier and not strip my skin of its natural oils.

Moral of the story that isn’t a huge and complicated moral: everyone’s skin is different, and your skin type can change over time! There is no way to revert your skin back to its “fresh out of the womb” state, and there is no magic well that you can dive in or harvest water from that will reverse what time and life has done to our skin.

Know that you are beautiful no matter what skin type you have or what skin type you desire. ❤️


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