How natural kombucha soap is changing the bar soap stigma

I have very fond memories my mother and I sharing Dove bar soap and the smell of green Irish Spring bar soap reminds me of my father getting ready for church on a Sunday morning. I have used bar soaps religiously during adolescence into adulthood, but over the years, I started noticing changes to my skin after using those brands. Upon exiting the shower and drying myself off, my skin started to feel dehydrated, rubbery, and in serious need for some moisturizer.

The kombucha soaps offered at Sugar and Oats do an amazing job at combating these symptoms that most bar soaps can cause. With the utilization of a variety of raw ingredients and organic butters and oils, it is guaranteed that customers will not step out of the shower with the sensation that their skin needs a tall glass of water. Each handmade kombucha soap is beautifully marbled and formulated to cater to face and body to cleanse and moisturize skin with the absence of SLS, formaldehyde, palm, and parabens.

The options of kombucha soap can target any desire for the consumer; whether you are looking for something light and fresh to something more warm and heady, Sugar and Oats has three wonderful options to choose from. The China Rose Kombucha Tea Vegan Soap is infused with hints of ginger, rose, lemongrass, and various teas to make the perfect floral lasting combination on your skin. The Tealixir Herbal Chai Kombucha Soap is a thicker, more toasted scent that pulls more “spiced” with ingredients like vanilla bean, nutmeg, and cinnamon bark. The Dr. Marigold Kombucha Soap is a personal favorite that reacts beautifully with my favorite perfume to create a mouthwatering fragrance; I am an avid Santal 33 enthusiast and I never knew how much I needed the mixture until I tried it. Click the links above to find out about each soap, and to see all the soaps that Sugar and Oats has to offer, click here!

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