My experience choosing the right soap for sensitive skin

Skin care companies are continually evolving to cater to the needs of customers who have special needs for their sensitive skin. Virginia Sole-Smith from Everyday Health (2014) notes seven skin care ingredients that have been known to trigger some sort of epidermal reaction, including sulfates, emollients, and added fragrances. Even world-renowned brands like L’Oreal have created a new hair care line claiming to be “sulfate free” to appeal to those with any sort of scalp irritations. It is safe to say that any given consumer will, at one point, ask himself or herself, “Am I buying the right products to take care of my skin?”

My parent’s are traditional as they come, and are firm believers in not fixing what isn’t broken. My mother has been using the same Neutrogena Acne Fighting Face Wash for decades, and I grew up using the same face wash. She has not had any adverse reactions to this face wash and it keeps her skin substantially clear. As my body’s chemistry changed, along with my moisture barrier and it’s sensitivities, I started to notice my skin was drying out after cleansing my face, and I would feel a slight itching feeling near my chin area. I knew I needed to make a change in the products I was using.

After consulting a few friends who wanted to help me with my problem, they directed me to a variety of “natural” products that had fewer ingredients that of which did not sound like scientific jargon that did not come straight out of a laboratory. This was the beginning of my tedious skin care regimen and quest to use only products I knew would be good for my skin.

Had I known about the Vegan Lavender Bliss Baby Soap at the time of my troubles, I probably would have saved myself a handful of time searching for something good. This soap is meant to be gentle enough for children and even pets with calming ingredients like gluten free oatmeal and organic calendula petals. If you are on the search for a wonderfully effective bar soap for sensitive skin, click here to check out what Sugar and Oats has to offer.


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