An anecdotal musing on sugar body scrubs

As spring break ends for Central Floridian students and the stress of school makes the student population turn back to caffeine for energy, I am reminded of my first exposure to sugar body scrubs. Bikini season was rampant in the upcoming summer months and a skin care product took Instagram by storm: A coffee sugar body scrub by a company named frank body. Celebrities and famed models posted photos in their aesthetically pleasing tubs and bathrooms covered in chunky bits of coffee and sporting the famed label with minimalistic labeling and simple manila packaging. The appeal was obvious; if you bought the product, you would have smooth, supple, flawless legs… right?

As most instagram trends behave, the frank. body scrub craze came and went and I have not seen mention of it since. Bigger companies have utilized the stimulant properties in coffee beans to add to their moisturizers and exfoliants. Consumers have also realized coffee sugar scrubs were easy to make at home, with a few household ingredients. A simple Google search leads you to recipes and concoction techniques to create your own coffee scrub to rid you of the annoying cellulite and roughness on any skin surface area… Been there, done that.

There I was, circa mid-spring to summer of 2014, in the kitchen and enthusiastically raiding my pantry for ingredients like honey, petroleum jelly, sugar, coffee grounds, etc. I was more than stoked for my evening shower. I brought my final product into the bathroom and I eagerly spread the mixture all over the backs of my thighs. Never mind the clotted chunks of ingredients that would later clog my drain since my ingredients weren’t finely milled enough, I was ready to see and feel the results. I knew that I needed to use it for consecutive days to see the effects in action, so I went to sleep anticipating the next use. I was irrationally excited for the next use.

I didn’t get to the next use… my wonderful coffee and sugar scrub hardened and stuck together to the point that I could not even dislodge with a wooden spoon. It was a proper brick. Ask me how disappointed I was at the amount of coffee grounds I used to make this now unusable body scrub… I decided that maybe I should leave the mixing and mingling of ingredients to the professionals.

A link to a sugar body scrub with coffee and cacao that is fairly priced and beautifully made is linked here. Creamy while also satisfyingly gritty, and doesn’t fall off in chunks while you finish the rest of your bath or shower. Here’s to you, summer freshman Janine. I hope everyone that is going back to school from spring break had a wonderful time! To those that have just started: have fun and be safe!

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